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CPGIS 2016 Election Results

Title CPGIS 2016 Election Results
Date 2016-11-22

In accordance with the bylaws of CPGIS, the CPGIS Election Committee conducted an election for President of CPGIS and six positions on the CPGIS Board of Directors. All 194 CPGIS members in good standing received a ballot via e-mail and all subscribers on the CPGIS listserv received a call for participation. Voting was officially opened on November 8, 2016 and tallied on November 20, 2016.  A total of 79 (40.7%) voted.

Thanks to all the candidates for offering their service to CPGIS and congratulations to all the newly elected!

Newly elected CPGIS Officers and BOD:
Elected to President of CPGIS (2017-2018)
   Gong, Jianya    Wuhan University, China
Elected to 2016-2018 CPGIS BOD members
   Cao, Kai    National University of Singapore, Singapore
   Jia, Peng    University of Twente - ITC, the Netherlands
   Li, Wenwen    Arizona State University, US
   Li, Xia        Sun Yat-sen University, China
   Yuan, Yihong    Texas State University, US
Elected to 2016-2018 CPGIS BOD student member 
   Ye, Xiang    University at Buffalo, US

Current CPGIS Officers and BOD:

President of CPGIS (2015-2016)
   Hu, Shixiong         East Stroudsburg University
President of CPGIS (2016-2017)
   Ye, Xinyue              Kent State University
General Secretary
   Bao, Shuming        University of Michigan
   Ye, Xinyue             Kent State University
   Kwan, Mei-Po       University of Illinois            
2014-2016 (will end their term in November, 2016)
   Bai, Yuqi             Tsinghua University
   Chow, T Edwin  Texas State University
   Liu, Yan               University of Queensland
   Meng, Xuelian    Louisiana State University
   Shi, Xun               Dartmouth College
   Tang, Tao             State University of New York - Buffalo State 
   Gao, Song       University of California Santa Barbara (student BOD Member)
   Luo, Wei         University of California Santa Barbara
   Mu, Lan          University of Georgia
   Tong, Daoqin University of Arizona

Thank you to all who participated in this election!

CPGIS Election Committee 2016
Lan Mu, Daoqin Tong and Wei Luo
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