Guidelines of the Operations of BOD and President’s Office  2010-10-21
Guidelines Editor

Guidelines of the Operations of BOD and President’s Office

Approved by BOD on October 29, 2010

This document contains interpretation and further definition of the responsibilities stated in the CPGIS Bylaws for the BOD and the President’s Office. It intends to provide guidelines to the routine operations of the BOD and the President’s Office. This document is closely related to The Guideline of the CPGIS Headquarters.

Responsibilities of the CPGIS BOD defined in the Bylaw:

1.      Enforce the CPGIS Bylaws

The BOD is the authoritative body that determines violation of the Bylaw and its consequence. 


2.      Interpret the CPGIS Bylaws

The BOD is the authoritative body that judges disputes about the current Bylaws.


3.      Provide instructions on implementation of the Bylaw

The BOD develops, interprets, reviews, and revises policies, guidelines, and regulations based on the Bylaw.


4.      Supervise and monitor the operation of the CPGIS President’s Office and the Headquarters

1)      The BOD maintains and follows a schedule of regular meetings, during which the BOD receives updates from the President’s Office and the Headquarters about planning and outcomes of major actions and activities, and makes inquiries and suggestions about those actions and activities.

2)      The BOD shall have special meetings, may or may not be requested by the President’s Office or the Headquarters, about urgent actions or activities whenever appropriate.

3)      The BOD requests, reviews, and approves the semi-annual report and annual report from the President’s Office and the Headquarters.


5.      Supervise the annual election

The BOD forms the Election Committee for the annual elections of the President and BOD members and supervises the election processes.


6.      Make the final decision on major changes of the Headquarters

The BOD makes the final decision on changes related to the site and Director of the Headquarters.


7.      Review and approve the budget of CPGIS

The BOD reviews and approves annual budgets submitted by the CPGIS President’s Office.


8.      Make the final decision on any un-budgeted spending

The BOD reviews and approves any un-budgeted spending larger than $300. For an un-budgeted spending smaller than or equal to $300, the BOD reserves the right to veto the spending.


9.      Consider and respond to proposals submitted by CPGIS members

Petitions for amending the Bylaw or policies, guidelines, and regulations, and proposals for impeaching the President, the Director of the Headquarters, or BOD members shall be submitted to the BOD. The BOD shall review, consider, and respond to the petitions and proposals. When appropriate, the BOD shall call for either BOD or all-member voting the petition or proposal.

Responsibilities of the CPGIS President’s Office:

1.      Be in charge of the operation of the Association:

1)      Organize Committees for planned actions, activities, and events, with the exception of the annual election committee.

2)      Supervise the activities of the Committees by maintaining communications with the Committees on a regular basis.

3)      Provide supports to the Committees


2.      Be in charge of the annual conference

1)      Form a special Committee for handling all the issues related to the annual conference.

2)      Represent CPGIS in all Conference-related issues.

3)      Solicit conference site.

4)      Negotiate and sign the agreement, following the Guidelines on the CPGIS Annual Conference, with the local organizer.

5)      Organize the work that CPGIS agrees to undertake for the Conference.

6)      Request and ensure the receipt of the final report from the local organizer.


3.      Prepare annual budget of CPGIS

Prepare and submit an annual budget to BOD for approval, within the first month of the President’s term.

4.      Consult with BOD on major actions and activities

Maintain regular communications with the BOD. Update the BOD about major actions and activities, especially those not defined in this document.


5.      Conduct the activities under the coverage of the President’s Fund

6.      Make decision on an un-budgeted expense smaller or equal to $300.

Such an expense is under the discretion of the President, but it is required that the President reports to the BOD about all expenses in the BOD regular meetings and should make the best effort to report them beforehand.

7.      Submit semi-annual and annual reports, including financial reports, to BOD for approval