Amended Items to the CPGIS Bylaws  2022-12-03
Guidelines Editor CPGIS

 Amended Items to the Bylaws

Approved new items amended to the CPGIS Bylaws 2007 version

Approved by all members on November 16th, 2010

1. Every year 50% of the BOD positions are to be re-elected.

2. The BOD Election Committee should be formed by BOD members who will stay on the BOD.

3. Contingent upon the approval of the Petition about Presidential BOD members, the three (3) Presidential BOD members are not subject to the annual 50% BOD replacement.

4. The immediate past, present, and elected CPGIS Presidents automatically become BOD members. The person who is entitled to the BOD membership in this way will have her/his term on BOD terminated once she/he is not in any of the three positions.

5. The voting record of each BOD member should be open to all CPGIS members once the voting results are available.

6. Under the "ARTICLE II. Purposes" of the Bylaws, add the sentence as follows: (d) To promote education of geographic information sciences at all levels around the world.