2023 Amended Items to the CPGIS Bylaws  2023-09-22
Guidelines Editor
File CPGIS_Bylaws_2023updates.pdf

2023 Amended Items to the CPGIS Bylaws

ARTICLE IV. Officers
Section 1. Officers and Term
The officers shall consist of a President, a Vice President (if applicable), a Treasurer, and a Secretary General. The official term of the officers shall commence the first day of January and shall continue until the last day of December of the same year.
Section 2. President
The President shall be annually elected by a majority vote of all voting members. The President shall designate a Vice President from the current Board of Directors (if applicable). 

ARTICLE V. Board of Directors
Section 1. The Board of Directors shall be the governing body of the Association. It shall consist of the last-term President, President, President-Elect and the five percent representatives of the total registered CPGIS members, but not more than twenty-one or less than eleven, from as many different geographical regions as possible. It is necessary for the number of Board of Directors members to be odd. Board of Directors members serve a two-year term and can be re-elected. 

ARTICLE VI. Election of the President and the Board of Directors, and Impeachment of the President
Section 8.  The Presidential candidates shall be valid CPGIS members at the time of nomination and shall have served the organization as a member of CPGIS BOD or committee (co-) chair in one of the CPGIS Committees at least one year at the time of nomination.
Section 9.  The BOD candidates shall be valid CPGIS members at the time of nomination. The student BOD candidates shall be full-time enrolled students and valid CPGIS student members at the time of nomination.

ARTICLE VII. The Seal, Account(s) and Documents of the Association
Section 3. The fiscal year of the Association in each year shall be January 1 to December 31 of the same year. 

Section 1. This Association shall hold an Annual Meeting on or before December 31 in each year 

The amended items were discussed and approved by the CPGIS Board of Directors on August 26, 2023, and approved by all the voting members of CPGIS on October 15, 2023.