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The 2015 CPGIS Election Results

Title The 2015 CPGIS Election Results
Date 2015-11-04

From: Chow, T. Edwin <tc27@txstate.edu>
Date: Wed, Nov 4, 2015 at 7:55 AM
Subject: 2015 CPGIS Election results
To: CPGIS-L@listserv.buffalo.edu

Dear CPGIS members,
The 2015 CPGIS Election have elected the candidates below for the following positions:
- 2016-2017 CPGIS President: Xinyue Ye (Kent State University)
- 2015-2017 Student BOD member: Gao Song (UC Santa Barbara)
- 2015-2017 Regular BOD member (ordered alphabetically by surname): 
Wei Luo (Arizona State University)
Lan Mu (University of Georgia)
Daoqin Tong (University of Arizona)
We would like to thank:
- All of you for nominating your peers, endorsing the candidates and casting your votes
- All candidates for their willingness to serve the CPGIS community
- Shuming Bao and Bing She for their technical support of the election web site
Thank you all again for your continual support to CPGIS!
The 2015 Election Committee: Edwin Chow, Yuqi Bai and Xuelian Meng
©Copyright by CPGIS.