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News about the Annals of GIS

Title News about the Annals of GIS
Date 2019-10-08

Dear Colleagues and Friends of CPGIS:

On behalf of the editorial team of Annals of GIS (the Society Journal of CPGIS), I am very pleased to inform you of a couple pieces of great news.

The first is that Annals of GIS recently was selected to be included in the Emerging Science Citation Index. This means: a) our journal is a step close to be SCI; b) it now contributes to the IF of other journals; 3) it is discoverable via Web of Science; 4) its articles are included in author's H-index calculation.

The second is that Nanjing Normal University has recently signed an agreement with Taylor & Francis to cover the open access costs for the first 30 papers per year starting this year (2019). This means that a) these articles are freely available to anyone without charge (which means that these articles can reach a much wider audience); b) you do not have to pay any charges for this open access.

So please consider publish your articles in Annals of GIS. We accept papers in the following categories: 1) original research papers; 2) position papers which lay out research agenda/ideas in particular research direction/research topic; 3) review papers which provide a summary of research activities so far and outline future prospective on a specific topic/direction. 

If you use wechat, please follow us at

Looking forward to your contributions to your own journal!

Best wishes,

A-Xing Zhu

Editor-in-Chief, Annals of GIS

Publish in Annals of GIS, an open access journal with fee paid 
for. For more visit https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/tagi20/current

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