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CPGIS Election Results 2022

Title CPGIS Election Results 2022
Date 2022-01-12

We are pleased to announce that the following individuals have been elected to join the CPGIS Board of Directors (BOD).

President (2023, 1-year term)

• Lan Mu (University of Georgia, USA)

New BOD Members (2022 & 2023, 2-year term)

• Huanfa Chen (University College London, UK)
• Qingfeng Guan (China University of Geoscience - Wuhan, China)
• Xiao Huang (University of Arkansas, USA)
• Yi Qiang (University of South Florida, USA)
• Jinwen Xu (Student, University of South Florida, USA)

Congratulations to the new BOD members!

We greatly appreciate your support of the CPGIS election.

The 2021 CPGIS Election Committee
Xiang Chen (Chair), Ming Luo, and Fan Zhang

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