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Title Best Student Paper Awards 2010
AwardType Best Student Paper awar
Date 2012-03-06  

First Place 
Weining Zhu and Qian Yu, Spatial chromatic tessellation: topology, interpretation, and implication,

University of Massachusetts 

Second Place 
Ninghua Wang, Lin Liu, John Eck, Analyzing Spatial Effects of Hotspot Policing with a

Simulation Approach, University of Cincinnati

Third Place 

Xia Peng, Anrong Dang, Tianhang Huang, Towards an Effective Semantic Enriched Spatial

Database, Tsinghua University 

Yiting Wang, Xiuwan Chen, Quantifying Spatial Information of Remote Sensing Data Based on

the Spatial Degree of Membership (SDM) Beijing Univeristy

AwardYear: 2010
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