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CPGIS Award   

Title Best Student Papers in 2012
AwardType Best Student Paper awar
Date 2012-11-08  

Best student papers in 2012:

First place:

Travel Time Prediction Based on Historical Trajectory Data
Yijuan Jiang, Xiang Li
Key Laboratory of Geographical Information Science, East China Normal University, Shanghai, China
Second place:
Spatial Scan Statistics Analysis of County-Level Population Growth Due to Net Migration in the Continental United States
Hu Wang, Diansheng Guo
Department of Geography, University of South Carolina, Columbia, USA
Third place:
A Theoretical Approach to Domain Decomposition for Parallelization of Digital Terrain Analysis
Guo Cheng, Ning Jing, Luo Chen
School of Electronic Science and Engineering, National University of Defense Technology, Changsha, China

AwardYear: 2012
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