CPGIS Event   2024-03-10

Topic 2024 CPGIS Go Home Project
Date 2024-03-10  

 2024 CPGIS “Go Home” Project

Call for participation
Location: Wuhu, Anhui
 & Hohhot. Inner Mongolia, China

Date: June 16-23, 2024

Project Background
The “Go Home” Project is one of a series of summer activities sponsored by the International Association for Chinese Professionals in Geographical Information Sciences (CPGIS), a non-profit organization that aims to promote professional development in GIS and related technology by fostering cooperation among its members. This project is specifically designed to encourage academic and professional exchanges between domestic and overseas Chinese GIS professionals through advanced GIS seminars and follow-up discussion held in selected universities and research institutes in China. With the purpose of introducing advanced spatial information technology to academics and professionals in different regions of China, the “Go Home” Project is a continuation of CPGIS’ successful “Go West” Project launched in 2002 in response to the “Western China Development” strategy. The project was renamed “Go Home” in 2007, with a new goal of strengthening the communication of overseas CPGIS scholars with GIS professionals and students in all regions of China.

Project Details

With the support of Anhui Normal University and Inner Mongolia University of Finance and Economics, the CPGIS “Go Home” project will organize advanced GIS seminars in the summer of 2024 in Wuhu and Hohhot.


With the national initiative of Ecological Protection and High-Quality Development of the Yellow River Basin and Yantzi River Basin, more in-depth investigation and study about the local natural environment and ecosystem restoration are needed. The theme of this year’s “Go Home” project will be on the Application of Geospatial Technology in Natural Environment and Economic Development. The project will select 5-6 GIS scholars to deliver seminars in their area of specialty to the faculty members and students of the local hosting institutes. A tentative plan is as follows:

Time and Location:


June 16-19 Advanced seminars at Anhui Normal University (Wuhu)

June 20-23 Advanced seminars at Inner Mongolia University of Finance and Economics (Hohhot)


Activities: Each selected individual will present one research talk in one of the suggested areas. Follow-up discussions will be arranged. A roundtable discussion with local professionals and governmental officials will be also organized.

Expenses: Lodging, meal, airfare or train ticket from a domestic city in China to Wuhu, and from Wuhu to Hohhot, to a domestic city in China will be covered by the local hosting institute. During the event, local city tours, tours to local sightseeing sites will be arranged. The cost will be covered by local hosts as well.


Local Organizer:

Dr. Weidong Cao, Anhui Normal University,Email: weidong1@ahnu.edu.cn

Dr. Fuying Qin, Inner Mongolia University of Finance & Economics, Email nsdqinfuying@163.com


Call for Participation

At this time, CPGIS is soliciting a one-page abstract (less than 500 words) along with a latest short C.V. from outstanding individuals who are interested in participating in this project. The abstract should provide a succinct description of the presentation to be delivered.


Please note that the young scholar summit program was merged into go-home program after CPGIS BOD voted in the end of 2012. Therefore, welcome any CPGIS members to participate in this program.


Please send your one-page abstract and C.V. before March  24, 2024 to Shixiong Hu at shu@esu.edu. Selected individuals will be notified via email. First come first served.
Dr. Shixiong Hu, Email: shu@esu.edu

Dr. Changshan Wu, Email: cswu@uwm.edu

Co-Chair of the CPGIS ‘Go Home’ committee