CPGIS 30th Anniversary Book: New Thinking in GIScience

New Thinking in GIScience

Editors: Bin Li, Xun Shi, A-Xing Zhu, Cuizhen Wang, Hui Lin

This book is a collection of seminal position essays by leading researchers on new development in Geographic Information Sciences (GIScience), covering a wide range of topics and representing a variety of perspectives. The authors propose enrichments and extensions to the conceptual framework of GIScience; discuss a series of transformational methodologies and technologies for analysis and modeling; elaborate on key issues in innovative approaches to data acquisition and integration, across earth sensing to social sensing; and outline frontiers in application domains, spanning from natural science to humanities and social science, e.g., urban science, land use and planning, social governance, transportation, crime, and public health, just name a few. The book provides an overview of the strategic directions on GIScience research and development. It will benefit researchers and practitioners in the field who are seeking a high-level reference regarding those directions.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-981-19-3816-0