Call for nominations for the 2024 CPGIS awards

The CPGIS Award Committee is pleased to announce the call for nominations for the following 2024 CPGIS awards.

(1) CPGIS Service Excellence Award: This award is given to an individual or a group of individuals for making significant service contributions to CPGIS. To be qualified for nomination, an individual or a group of individuals have made significant service contributions to CPGIS. We will have two categories of the Service Award: Individual Award and Group Award. Please specify the category in the nomination letter.

(2) CPGIS Education Excellence Award: This award is to honor members for their outstanding contributions to GIScience & Technology education. The award selection will be based on the criteria of effective and innovative teaching of GIScience courses, enhancing public awareness of GIScience, mentoring students who enter GIS&T careers, authorship of significant GIScience textbooks, and leadership in GIScience curriculum development.

(3) CPGIS Young Scholar Award: This award seeks to recognize young “rising stars” for research contributions to GIScience and Technology. Nominee for this award should be a member of CPGIS who received the doctoral degree in the last 10 years (no earlier than 2014).

(4) CPGIS Distinguished Scholar Award: This award seeks to recognize CPGIS members for outstanding research contributions to GIScience and Technology. Nominees for this award should be members of CPGIS and should have made significant contributions to GIScience research.

(5) CPGIS Life-Time Achievement Award: This award is intended to honor the outstanding accomplishments of senior professionals who have contributed substantially to the advancements of GIScience and Technology. All researchers worldwide are eligible for the award.

(6) CPGIS Innovation Award, Endorsed by Dr. Chuang (Vincent) Tao: CPGIS Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship Committee (TTEC) aims to promote technological innovations and strengthen the synergy among research, education, and the industry. This award seeks to recognize CPGIS members for their innovative research and technological contributions to GIScience community. All current CPGIS members are eligible to apply. The innovative technology may include outstanding research works, patents, software, products and technology development, recognized by peers, publication(s), patents and/or a series of works that demonstrate the technology innovation, social impact and transfer in the industry. The final awardee will be presented with a monetary award of 2,000 USD or equivalent which will be provided.

The current CPGIS President, Vice-President, and members of the CPGIS Award Committee are not eligible to receive these awards (except for the Innovation Awarddue to their involvement in the awards' decision process.


To nominate an award, please submit the following to Yu Liu (, Chair, CPGIS Award Committee, by June 30, 2024. Please merge the following documents into a single PDF file, and name it


(Replace AwardName with Service, Scholar, Education, Lifetime, or Innovation.)

i. A nomination letter containing the nominee's contact and affiliation information, a summary of the nominee's qualification, and a justification for the nominee's specific qualification and contributions (three pages or less).

ii. A copy of the nominee's CV.

Additional items for nominating the Innovation Award,

iii. A copy of the certificate for software or technology patent(s), or a link to the open-source repository associated with the nominee's innovative product(s).

iv. 1~2 reference letters from its user community, or industry partners.


Review Process: The CPGIS Awards Committee will evaluate the nominations. The candidates will be recommended to the CPGIS BOD for final approval. The awards will be presented during GeoInformatics 2024 (the 31th CPGIS Annual Conference), August 14-16, 2024, Toronto, Canada.


CPGIS Award Committee:

Yu Liu, Bo Huang, Bin Jiang, Daoqin Tong, Xiaobai Yao


p.s. Prof. Yuxia Huang stepped down from the committee and we invited Prof. Xiaobai Yao to join. Please join us to thank Yuxia’s efforts in the past year and welcome Xiaobai!