CPGIS Membership and Payment Guidelines
(Approved in December, 2000; and modified in April, 2008)

Section 1. Members contain individual members, student members, lifetime members, group members, and sustaining members.


Section 2. An individual member shall be a person who is presently engaged or has been engaged in GIS related work, is willing to recognize and follow the bylaws, and has paid the annual membership due of $40 USD.


Section 3. A student member shall be a person who is registered as a full-time student at any educational institutions, colleges, and universities at the time of membership applications, and has paid the annual student membership due of $20 USD.


Section 4: A lifetime member is an individual who is willing to contribute to the CPGIS and engage in the CPGIS activities through his or her lifetime, and has paid lifetime membership fee of $400 USD once.


Section 5: A sustaining member shall be an organization, or a company who is willing to recognize and follow the bylaws, and is willing to support the activities of the Association and has paid the annual membership dues of $400 USD. Sustaining members shall be recognized via appropriate CPGIS media.


Section 6. All members shall be eligible to hold offices, to vote on the Association matters, to receive Geographic Information Sciences journal and newsletter, and other member benefits and discounts.


Section 7 . The membership shall be terminated when

(a) The annual dues have not been paid for three months after the due date.

(b) The member gives up on his or her own, provided that a written statement of giving up membership has been received and approved by the Board of Directors.


Section 8 . Membership registration and payment

Firstly, please submit the application online or download the application form (pdf).
Second, make the payment online by credit card or send the check with the application form to the CPGIS Headauarters.
Third, you will receive a receipt by email once your payment is received.


If you pay by check, please make the check payable to CPGIS and send the check to the following address:


Suite 1230, 330 Packard St
Ann Arbor
, MI 48106
Tel: (+1) 734-647-9610
Email: office@cpgis.org


For those who would like to pay by cash or wire in RMB in Chinapleasecontact:


Dr. Anrong Dang
School of Architecture, Tsinghua University
Beijing 100084, P.R.China
Phone:(+86) 10-6279-5493
Fax: (+86) 10-6278-3328
Email: danrong@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn