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Publication:    Virtual Geographic Environments
Publisher:    Science Press
Editors/Authors:   Hui Lin and Michael Batty
Year:   2009
Publication:    Introduction to Computing and Computational Issues of Distributed GIS
Publisher:    Edward Elgar Publishing
Editors/Authors:   Chaowei Yang, David W. Wong, Bin Li
Year:   2007-10-18
Publication:    Research on Spatially Integrated Humanities and Social Science
Publisher:    Science Press
Editors/Authors:   Hui Lin, Jin-gui Lai, Chenghu Zhou
Year:   2010
Publication:    A Distributed GIS for Managing Shanghai Landscape Resources
Publisher:    Yue Zhu
Editors/Authors:   Yue Zhu, Chaowei Yang1, David W. Wong, Menas Kafatos1
Year:   2010
Publication:    A Framework for Developing Web-Service-Based Intelligent Geospatial Knowledge Systems
Publisher:    Liping Di
Editors/Authors:   Liping Di
Year:   2010
Publication:    The Integration of Grid-enabled Internet GIServices and Geographic Semantic Web Technologies
Publisher:    Tong Zhang, Ming-Hsiang Tsou
Editors/Authors:   Abstract This paper presents a new framework for Grid-enabled GIService web portals to facilitate the building of high-level intelligent Internet GIServices. The five-tier architecture suggested here can support advanced semantic search and query function
Year:   2010
Publication:    Extending Distributed GIS to Support Geo-Collabarative Crisis Management
Publisher:    Guoray Cai
Editors/Authors:   Guoray Cai
Year:   2005
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