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CPGIS 2010 Newsletter  No.2  2010-04-05
Bulletin Editor Yuqi Bai, Jenny Du
File CPGISNewsLetter2010-Issue2.pdf

1. Positions Available
1.1 Professor / Associate Professor
1.2 Professor
1.3 Thomas Jefferson Chair Professor of Space Exploration Informatics
1.4 Professors and senior research scientists
1.5 Faculty Positions
1.6 Research Assistant Professor
2.Conferences/Seminars/Workshops Organized
2.1 Spatial Information Technologies for Monitoring the Deformation of Large-Scale Man-made Linear Features, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Jan 11-12, 2010
3. Call for Papers/Participations
3.1 GeoInformatics 2010 – CPGIS Annual Conference
3.2 CPGIS 2010 Young Scholar Summer Workshop
3.3 Geoinformatics 2011 conference site call for proposal
3.4 The 7th Annual Conference of the Consortium for Western China Development Studies
3.5 Conference on Earth Observation for Global Changes (EOGC 2011)
3.6 Conference one Joint Urban Remote Sensing Event (Jurse 2011)
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