Address:Shanghai, China
Authors of all accepted abstracts will be invited to submit full papers to be published in EI-covered conference proceedings by IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS). Some selected papers will be published in special issues of SCI/SSCI-covered journals.

Step 1. Paper Preparation
Please first download Manuscript Template for preparing papers for conference proceedings (please use A4 page size). The length limit of the full paper is 6 pages, but at least 4 pages, in the format of template. DOC sample, PDF sample, IEEE format.

If there is any difference (such as authors' name and order, affiliation, etc.) between full paper and previously submitted abstract, information in the full paper will be regarded as the correct one.

Abstract in the full paper may NOT be same to previously submitted abstract (which is indeed an extended abstract). Abstract in the full paper should be shorter, and the number of its words must be less than 150.

Submitted paper must be free of any grammatical or spelling errors, and otherwise, it will be rejected definitely.

All full papers will be subject to a second-round review. Please strictly follow the Manuscript Template to prepare your paper, and otherwise, papers would be rejected definitely.
Step 2. Paper Validation
Every full paper in pdf format has to be validated before submission. Detailed instructions are below:

a. Click
HERE to come to IEEE pdf-express website (
b. Use the conference id: "Geoinform11x" to register a new account.
c. Create a new title and upload your WORD file.
d. The website will convert it to PDF.
e. Click "try again", and upload the converted PDF.
f. The website will check the compatibility of the PDF file.
Make sure the checking result is "PDF Passed PDF Check; PDF is IEEE Xplore-compatible", or "Certified by IEEE PDF eXpress" and otherwise, the paper will be rejected.
g. Download the certified PDF file for submission in Step 4.

Step 3. IEEE Copyright Form
Please download the Copyright Form, fill it, sign it (your personal signature is required, print name is NOT acceptable by IEEE). Please scan the signed Copyright Form (THE FIRST PAGE ONLY) and save it as a JPG picture. A sample of such a JPG picture can be downloaded here.

In the form, IEEE PUBLICATION TITLE is "The 19th International Conference on GeoInformatics, 2011"
Make sure ALL authors have signed the Copyright Form, and otherwise, the paper will be rejected.
Step 4. Paper Submission
Please submit your full paper (pdf file) and a copyright form (jpg file) at the paper submission page on or before the deadline.