Theme and topics
Address:Shanghai, China


Conference theme: “GIS in Education and Business”

Conference topics:

    (The conference will include, but not be limited to, the following topics.)

Acquisition and processing of remotely sensed data
Analysis-oriented and standards-compliant WebGIS
Automated object extraction and database updates from imagery
Cartographic theory and applications
Climate change and global environment
Data models in cartography
Digital gazetteer
Environmental criminology and crime simulation
Environmental informatics
Errors and their measurements in spatial data
Geographical information retrieval
Geospatial cloud computing
Geospatial computation
Geospatial cyber-infrastructure
Geospatial data sharing and interoperability
Geospatial Grid computing
Geospatial Semantic Web
Geospatial Sensor Web
Geospatial simulation
Geospatial Web portal
Geospatial web services and service quality
GIS applications in other fields
GIS for disaster forecast and rescue
GIS for environment and health
GIS in business
GIS in education
Government and public GIS
Information extraction from remotely sensed data
Integration of RS, GIS and GPS (3S)
Land use / Land cover changes
LIDAR technology for DEM generation and 3D modeling
Location based services (LBS)
Map generalization
Processing and applications of high-resolution imagery
Remote sensing and GIS for weather forecast
Representation and visualization of geospatial data
Satellite positioning technology and location-based service
Smart Phone LBS and 3D Personal Navigation
Spatial cognition
Spatial decision support systems
Statistics and application models of spatial data
Theories and algorithms in GIS
Urban GIS and its applications
Virtual Globes
Wireless and mobile GIS
Workflow-oriented geospatial decision support systems