Keynote Speakers
Address:Sydney, Australia

(Listed according to the alphabetic order of the last name)

Title: Geo-Social Sensing for Urban Study and Social

  Prof. Jianya Gong
  School of Remote Sensing and Information Engineering, Wuhan University,
  Wuhan, China

Title: Remote Sensing and Predicting Earth's Water: Progress,
Challenges and Opportunities

  Prof. Yang Hong
  Peking University,

Title: Geographic Language Evolution and Human Geographic

  Prof. Hui Lin
  Hong Kong Chinese University,
  Hong Kong

Title: Smart Technology and Big Data for Connected Gardens

  Denise Ora
  Executive Director, 
  Botanic Gardens & Centennial Parklands

Title: Speculations on the Future of GIScience

  Prof. Daniel Sui
  Professor of Geography, 
  Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation 

  University of Arkansas, USA

Title: Spatial Prediction and Laws of Geography

  Prof. A-Xing Zhu
  Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison,
  Madison, Wisconsin, USA