Job Title Employer Location Dead Line
Postdoctoral Associate The University of Western Ontario London, Ontario, Canada [2023-12-04]
PhD in GIScience and Urban Data Science The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong [2023-11-01]
PhD in Spatial Data Analytics and Health Sciences University of Connecticut Storrs, CT, USA [2023-01-31]
Postdoctoral scholar in geospatial and ecological modeling The Qiu lab at the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management at The Pennsylvania State University Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802 [2022-11-14]
Postdoctoral Associate in Geographic Information Science Western University's Human Environments Analysis Laboratory (HEAL) Ontario, Canada [2022-10-31]
Postdoctoral Fellow in GeoAI & Urban Computing Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Hong Kong [2022-09-30]
Urban Big Data Centre: Senior Data Science Manager University of Glasgow Glasgow, UK G12 8RZ [2022-09-27]
Research Associate in Urban Environmental Data Analytics University of Glasgow Glasgow [2022-09-20]
PhD in Urban Planning The iAdapt at University of Florida Gainesville, Florida. [2022-09-15]
Postdoc in multidisciplinary data science University of Idaho [2022-09-01]
Postdoc in GIS and Spatial Studies Purdue University West Lafayette [2022-07-01]
Post-Doctoral Scholar in Urban Modeling at ETH Zurich ETH Zurich Zurich, Switzerland [2022-02-01]
Post-Doctoral Scholar in Geosciences / Geography / Earth Science Education at PSU The Pennsylvania State University’s College of Earth and Mineral Sciences State College, PA [2022-02-01]
PhD in Urban informatics Department of Geosciences, University of Arkansas Fayetteville, Arkansas