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Co-Integration Analysis of the Institution of Intellectual Property Right and Economic Growth of China [ 2007-06-14 ]
Author:  Zeng    Deming
Abstract:  [more]
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Modeling the Spatial-Temporal Variability of NO2 and Its Relationship to the Prevalence of Low Birth Weight in Georgia [ ]
Abstract:  Air quality has become a great concern to the public, researchers, and policy-makers, as extensive research has demonstrated that air pollutants harm the health of humans. Despite the significant spat...[more]
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ALMANAC model parameters sensitivity analysis by Sobol algorithm [ ]
Abstract:  Sobol algorithm is one of the most representative global sensitivity analysis methods. Parameters sensitivity analysis is a necessary step for crop model localization and regionalization. We used Sobo...[more]
Full-text paper link:   PID1836221.pdf

Terrain Visibility Analysis Method Based on Depth Mapping [ ]
Abstract:  Terrain visibility analysis is widely used in many areas, and the existing methods still have some unsolved problems, such as complexity in computation and bad applicability. In this paper, a depth ma...[more]
Full-text paper link:   PID1827735(1).pdf

A GIS-based urban landscape study of Lanzhou city, China [ ]
Abstract:  The study area includes four districts (Chengguan, Qilihe, Anning, and Xigu) of Lanzhou city, whose total area and population is 227.98 km2 and 1,800,000 respectively. In this study, we aim to resolve...[more]
Full-text paper link:   PID1773387.pdf

TR32DB – Management and visualization of heterogeneous scientific data [ ]
Abstract:  Particularly in interdisciplinary long-term research projects, management of heterogeneous scientific data is an important task that includes storage, accurate description with metadata, exchange, vis...[more]
Full-text paper link:   PID1774297.pdf

Paleolake Alteration research of southeast Shandong since Holocene based On GIS [ ]
Abstract:  the southwest area of Shandong province is located on the fracture zone connecting Shandong hills and north china plain. Since Holocene, affected by development of HUANGHE alluvial fan, ZHANGHE alluvi...[more]
Full-text paper link:   PID1771949.pdf

"A study on Construction of 3 Dimension River Topographical Information and Its efficiency using LiDAR data [ ]
Abstract:  This research aims to conduct the topographical construction of rivers using LiDAR method for higher accuracy and precision. LiDAR allows topographical construction of rivers with higher accuracy than...[more]
Full-text paper link:   PID1788307.pdf

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