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Analysis of Wuyuan Emotion Map Based on Multi-Source Data [ ]
Author:  宗  宇
Abstract:  With the rapid development of IOT, Internet, cloud computing and other technologies, the current domestic rural tourism develops rapidly, and now ,the rural tourism big data on an explosive growth rat...[more]
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The 3-D mass distribution model Based on Occurrence [ ]
Author:  中文  卓
Abstract:  Kriging method is a local estimate method of geostatistical techniques, which is widely used in the area of geological exploration and reserves estimation. Due to the complexity of the occurrence of t...[more]
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A new type of spatial-temporal database for gas gathering and transportation in Coalbed Methane field [ ]
Author:  杨  晓萌
Abstract:  The investment for Coalbed Methane(CBM) field’s gas gathering system on the ground accounts for more than 60% of the total investment. The innovative technology of “multiple accesses, flexible gatheri...[more]
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Application Study of Temperature Vegetation Drought Index in Guangxi Xijiang River Basin Autumn Drought Monitoring [ ]
Author:  熊  chungui
Abstract:   [Objective] To explore the Guangxi Xijiang River Basin change rule and influence factors of autumn drought. [Result] The autumn drought in the study area increase gradually from 9 month to 11month. T...[more]
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okokokok [ ]
Author:  謝  孟芯
Abstract:  test[more]
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Multi-Source Information Fusion Model of Traffic Lifeline Based On Improved D-S Evidence Theory [ ]
Author:  贤钰  贤钰
Abstract:  The status information collection of the post-disaster traffic lifeline had many characteristics, such as wide ranges of sources, different information formats, and severe changes in time and space. I...[more]
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Mechanism Analysis of Interprovincial Migration Flows in China Based on Bayesian Model Averaging [ ]
Author:  武  振伟
Abstract:  With the rapid advancement of urbanization in China, population migration has become more and more active and gradually expanded in scale, which has become the key to promote regional population growt...[more]
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Urban Wind Path Analysis and Planning --The Case Study of Fuzhou, China [ ]
Author:  王  韬
Abstract:  Abstract—Urban Heat Island (UHI) and Air pollution are typical negative byproducts of urban expansion and population growth, decent natural outdoor ventilation can be a crucial mitigation of UHI effec...[more]
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