Job Title Employer Location Dead Line
Associate Professor / Assistant Professor in Health (Medical) Geography/Biogeography/Soil Science Hong Kong Baptist University Hong Kong [2022-09-01]
Visiting Assistant Professor University of Texas at Dallas Dallas [2022-09-01]
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer Transportation Planning in the Urban Big Data Centre at the University of Glasgow Glasgow [2022-06-14]
Lecturer in Spatial Data Science School of Geography, University of Leeds Leeds [2022-05-24]
Assistant Professor in geospatial analysis, modeling, or visualization at Oregon State University Oregon State University Corvallis, Oregon [2022-01-10]
Assistant Professor position in physical oceanography at University of California, Irvine University of California, Irvine University of California, Irvine [2022-01-03]
Assistant Professor position in GIS at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Southern Illinois University Edwardsville 1 Hairpin Dr, Edwardsville, IL 62026 [2022-01-01]
Assistant Profession in Cartography and Geovisualization at UW-Madison University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison, WI [2021-12-17]
Assistant Professor position in Soil Science in UNBC Department of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Northern British Columbia Prince George, British Columbia [2021-12-15]
学术带头人,骨干教师,研究学者(含博士后)(chair, full, associate and assistant professors) 武汉大学遥感信息工程学院 (School of Remote Sensing and Information Engineering, Wuhan University) 武汉市武昌区珞瑜路129号(129 Luoyu Road, Wuhan, Hubei, China) [2014-10-26]